As the Covid-19 crisis unfolds, the Santa Fe Business Improvement District alongside the Art District on Santa Fe is working with government, business, and community partners to provide support, information, and resources.

 Getting assistance to businesses that will help them survive
 Letting members and the public know what businesses remain open
 Planning for recovery

As a BID we are:
•Sharing critical information through multiple channels about small business relief and recovery efforts
• Helping businesses and property owners get answers to operational questions in a fast-changing environment
• Sharing information with the public on businesses and services that are open, and what services they are providing
• Amplifying important messaging from City Council, the Mayor and Agencies
• Finding ways to promote neighborhood businesses and ways to support them through the crisis
• Providing a calming and welcoming presence on the streets, including during evening and nighttime hours especially in areas with security concerns and where businesses are closed
• Working with District police to patrol the corridor as businesses remain closed. They continue to provide posters and flyers for businesses as well as provide community tips and information
• Gathering member input to gather ideas for programs that can be most helpful
• Gathering survey results to collaboratively, with other Denver BIDs, summit to the city and mayor for possible business relief funds
• Actively planning recovery efforts to get business districts up and running quickly after the crisis passes
• Removing trash and debris from the service areas and continue the maintenance and corridor upkeep (i.e. cleaning up graffiti, pulling weeds, watering plants, etc.)

We encourage you to help by remembering our arts, small, independent businesses on the Santa Fe corridor and throughout our community and to continue supporting them even if you cannot visit them physically.